Plant Endophytic Microbiomes

Microbes (bacteria, archaea, fungi, microeukaryotes, and viruses) live within plant tissues, impacting how plants grow, resist pathogens, pests, and herbioves, and mediate the effects of environmental stressors.

Our lab investigates microbiota within banana plant tissues. In particular, we seek to understand the “disease protective microbiome” of various genotypes of banana (Musa spp.) in hopes of developing key information that could help control the devastating pandemic disease Panama disease Race 4 (Fusarium wilt) caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Foc, as well as other serious diseases such as Black Sigatoka.

Recent Publications in this area:

2021 Aghdam SA, Brown AMV. Deep learning approaches for natural product discovery from plant endophytic microbiomes. Environmental Microbiome 16:6.

Look for other upcoming publications on endophytes … coming soon!